The Big Bossman

Written by Chuks Ugo

What is wrong with you? Is this how I told you how I want it done, he screamed, the venom in his voice caused her to cringe. "I thought I would" "you thought what? That your way is better than mine?" she dared not reply.

She half expected he's next words " who's the boss?", she replied meekly "you are". "Then let me hear you say it". He stared at her, she looked away, she could never look him straight in the face whenever he stared at her that way. She could feel his gaze on her. "You're the boss" she whispered. "Again" he demanded "you're the boss" she repeated, a little louder this time. She turned back to look at him and caught a wry smile "that's my girl" he retorted, with his smile increasing.

She turned and silently went back to her office, as she sat down, she immediately felt tears welling up, she clenched her teeth and pushed the tears back down. She couldn't help but wonder why he treated her in such a way. At the beginning, when it was the three of them, back when the company had just started and Alice was still working at the office. It was Alice he was always giving a tough time, and being vindictive to. And it was her, he was always seeking out her opinion, always asking her what she thought, that was why it was quite a shock to her and everyone else for that matter, when he proposed to Alice at the office, in front of everybody and even more surprising when Alice accepted. Up until the day of the wedding she never believed the wedding would take place.

'I don't know what he saw in her" she said aloud to herself, still deep in thought. She is a little too shy and a little too quiet and nothing profound about her physically, apart from that she's a blonde and petite she mused. She wondered if that was his thing because he was out-going and a huge man, who worked out often, so he was well built with an athletic physique. She shrugged and thought to herself that opposites really do attract. But he must be crushing Alice's tiny body in the bedroom.

As she pondered on the concept of Alice's petite body being pounded by her burly boss, she allowed he imagination get involved, it was only when she heard her own voice moan that she realized, that her hand had gotten up her own skirt and into her panties.

As she got home later that evening, she tried not to let her mind dwell on the events that took place in the office earlier in the day "After all its just another fucking day at the fucking office" she said aloud to herself

In the shower, she lingered to savor the hot streams of water, hitting all over her body. She had one of those multi-directional showers, that came with various shower heads that were aimed at different areas of the body. She particularly liked the shower jet that was aimed her crotch.

She gently lathered her whole body, using her own hands to caress herself. She allowed her two hands to rub over her breasts and tease her nipples, which already had become hard. She let her left-hand slide, snake-like down the contours of her torso, aiming for her groin area. Her middle finger willing played the search game, despite being in familiar surroundings. It finally located its target. Her clit was already hard and throbbing. She continued to probe and tease her clit, she then stretched her finger deep into her hot wet cunt, locating her g. spot at the inner roof of her vagina. She continued to stroke and probe the region With each push of her finger, she moved deeper and deeper into a euphoric consciousness. She could hear herself moan and her chest tighten. She did all she could to keep herself from screaming.

She was jolted from her ardent stupor when she lost balance and slipped. Stretching out her hands to reach the wall, thwarted her fall.

It was almost time, she quickly got out of the shower and into to the bedroom as she toweled herself dry.

She paused for a moment, looking at the image of herself in the mirror. "You are beautiful and you are sexy, no man should fuck with you". Her reflection nodded in acknowledgment.

Opening her wardrobe, she found the timetable calendar she taped on the inside of the door, she was briefly distracted by heap of clothes that lay at the base of the wardrobe, she made quick mental note, before relocating the taped calendar and consulting it, she pulled out her schoolgirl outfit, a blue plaid micro mini skirt, white short sleeve blouse and blue tie. To complement the outfit were a pair of black lace panties, black hose, and jet black stilettos.

Fully dressed with makeup, she looked again at the person in the mirror in full ensemble and gave her a wink and a smile.

In the lounge, she stared up at the wall clock, ten more minutes. Sighing she flopped herself onto the sofa, facing the clock. Watching and waiting, willing the minute hand to move faster.

As the time got closer, her anticipation rising, she could feel herself getting moist. On the hour, she heard the noise at the door. Even though he had his own key, she would always rush to open the door for him.

He gazed at her on her appearing, she could tell from the look in his eyes, that he liked what he saw.

She took his coat and briefcase and set them one side. No words were spoken. Taking him by the hand she led him through the anteroom back to the lounge. She couldn't wait any longer, she needed him inside her.

Down on her knees, she wasted no time in unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants, along with his boxer shorts. She paused a brief moment to look at he's cock, even at its semi-erect state it was still something to behold.

Bracing herself for what she knew lay ahead, she took him into her mouth. Slowly she swayed her head back and forth, taking long draws along the length of his cock, stealing moments at a time to focus on its head.

She could feel him get stronger as his cock got larger with the veins thick and throbbing. she looked up at him, she wanted to see his eyes, but he was looking up into the heavens as he moaned. Finally, he looked down at her, she found his eyes, she could see his look of approval, the look she so desperately needed.

He calmly stroked the hair on her head. Then suddenly grabbing a tuft of hair on the back of her head, he forced his cock deeper into her mouth.

He was now dictating the pace, with malignant force thrusting his cock deeper into her throat. She could hear his grunts of satisfaction, over the choking sound she was making. Her eyes began to water, as she was gasping for air all the while he was throttling her with his penis.

Finally, he stopped but he was still in caveman mode, he grabbed her by the arm and flung her onto they easy chair, on her back he flipped her over. it was happening so fast that she was still trying, to get her bearing.

He was already inside, now she was on knees, she spread her legs wider and arched her back, she needed more of him inside her. He was grunting and pounding away, but it wasn't enough. "harder" she screamed through gritted teeth, She felt his increase in the strength and rate of his thrusts, but it still wasn't enough "fuck me, fuck me harder' she yelled He increased his rate even further, and at last he was at the power and depth level she needed, he was now hitting the spot that no other man she's been with has been able to reach, heck she never even knew it existed until he came along. It was a spot so isolated and hidden, that even with her toys she could never ever locate it, but he could, with a little motivation he could always get her x-spot, that's what she called it, the x-spot because it marked the place where all the treasures of ecstasy were hidden.

As the tip of his penis, was teasing the spot, she could sense the feelings of ecstasy rising, all her muscles were being held in a state of contraction, she gripped the ends of the chair so tightly her knuckles whitened. The intensity of the feelings continued to rise and rise, with the fierceness of his thrusts. By now her whole body was on fire, she attempted to scream, but her own body seized her voice. The intensity of it all continued to increase, she wasn't sure how much more she could bear. Then the scream, her body finally released her voice, just as she buckled under the enormity of her own orgasm. She now lay crumpled and lifeless like a ragdoll.

Slowly, she got up, the cushions beneath her were soaking wet. Did he come? she noticed her laps were smeared with cum mixed with pussy juice. She looked around, she was still feeling a little light-headed, as he came into view, he was already cleaned and putting on back his pants, again no words were spoken as he dressed himself up.

As she watched him dress, she wanted to reach out to him, to hold him and to have him hold her back, but it was never like that, and she knew it will never be more than what it is, He was never going to leave Alice. As he made his way to the door, he looked back at her, then he spoke "bright and early, tomorrow", "yes sir" she replied quietly- which he replied with a whisper "That's my girl". The next she heard was the sound of the door closing.