Teacher Alana Cruise Pleasures Herself In Front of Student

It’s just been one of those days for teacher Alana Cruise, and the only thing that’s going to take the stress out of her life right now is a little masturbation right at her desk after school’s out. She switches on her vibrator and starts to play with herself, but that’s when her student Rion walks in on her, reminding her that she allowed him to take his test late today. Frustrated, Professor Cruise discretely puts her sex toy away and gives Rion his test. But now she’s REALLY horny, and it would be even better if she could get away with it with a student in her classroom! While Rion’s scribbling away, Alana spins her chair around, turns her vibrator on low and — WHOOPS! The pink pleasure toy falls to the ground and rolls toward Rion, buzzing away. He picks it up, stares at it and….well, do you think Rion’s going to get an A on his test? Find out!

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There is one of my teachers in High School I would have sworn that she carried a vibrator to school, and she was sexy as hell, I would pay to watch her pleasure herself. The Clip though brief is kinky enough to make you fantasize a little, some nice close-ups of dick pounding action. also, Alana can really suck a dick and she has a pretty looking cunt. Fucking the HOT teacher is every young boy’s dream.

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