Stefanie Moon Gets A Good Hard Pounding

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Stefanie Moon was about to get into the shower, when her bff calls. While talking on the phone, she notices her neighbor is watching her walk around naked. Then, her doorbell suddenly rings, and there he is. It doesn't take long for him to convince her to let him rub her pussy through her panties, and soon he's sucking it on the couch. Next, he opens up her petite little body and plunges his cock deep inside. Stefanie loves getting pounded, and she squeals as he sends it in hard. But her mouth is crazy for his cock, so she gives him a good long sucking, then lets him fuck her wildly from behind. In the end, Stefanie wants to drink his cum, so she gets on her knees and finishes him off into her hot warm mouth. Good thing he came over!


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What can be better than a big dick and a tight pussy? a big dick fucking a tight pussy, and you can tell from the teaser that he is giving it to her real good, and either she is a fucking awesome actor or she’s feeling it real good. Every woman in this world deserve to be fucked hard, and Stephanie is definitely not missing out.

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