Sofi Shane Masturbates With A Cucumber

Your Mama always told to make sure to eat your vegetables, but Sofi Shane has taken it to the next level, and now made the cucumber number 1 in her self-love diet. And it seems like she has a HUGE appetite.

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Tell me, who wouldn’t want to dine on hair-pie and vegetables. If that is eating healthy then I’m all for it.I understand that cucumber masturbation is the latest in fad in self-pleasure, and I heard that its also healthy, something to do with maintaining pH balance. I can just imagine, coming home to your girl after a long day and step into the house, and you announce that you stopped by the grocers, then pull out a long thick cucumber, you can see the eyes of your girl light up, and know that she just came in her panties. now that,s not a bad way to kick off the evening, I’m already in love with the idea, no need to wine and dine, just introduce yourself with a cucumber. Let’s know in the comments section below, what you think of cucumber masturbation, and whether you don’t mind sharing your girl with one. Also, don’t forget to rate the pics. Cheers

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