Hot Blonde Cherry K Loves It Rough And Dirty

Cherry K. finds her man working on his car, and she gets turned on by his greasy can-do attitude. When he catches her spying on him and fingering her pussy. he decides to give her the tool she desires. First order of business is to spread her wide open in the bed and give her a pussy fucking with his hand. You won't believe how this girl squirts all over! She literally splashes all over the bed. This gets her hungry for his cock, and she has a mouthful. After this, Kristof fucks her hard and gives her the dirty deep fixing she so desired. Cherry K's engine will be running smooth for the foreseeable future after the thorough tune-up Kristof gives her!


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I love to see when a hot chick gets a good pounding. You just got to boss that pussy, she shouldn’t be able to walk straight, and when you give a girl a good hard fuck she won’t forget you in a hurry, she’ll be fucking cummin whenever you walk into the room.

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