Brutality and Desire, Pain and Sensuality, A luta Continua

Weary from battle, Shakti, seeks solitude, leaving her troops and her personal bodyguards she is able to find a clearing in the forest. She unburdens herself of the heavy shield stained with the brain matter of those unfortunate to face her in battle, then slowly removes the articles of her bloodied amour. Free at last , naked she ponders on her fragility of her body without her armour, her weakness and her sensuality as the cool forest breeze caresses her nipples . Deep in thought she recollects the many who were felled by the edge of her blade and the ferocity of her cause, their brutalised corpses lay before her, She paused and waited, but nothing. She un-sheaths her short sword and makes a long gash on her left forearm, she stares at the blood seeping from her self afflicted wound, she closes her eyes and relishes the pain. and the relief.